The May Day Project is an event where each person took (roughly) a photograph an hour to illustrate their day on Saturday May 10, 2003. Over 775 people signed up to take part from Australia, Canada, America, Europe and Asia and thus made it a worldwide photographic event!

This page contains the pictures taken in my day which was spent at around home,  or attending the Oxford Balloon Festival..

Other entries are listed on the main site which is accessible from the link above.

The photographs are taken on an Olympus Camedia C-3030 Zoom or a Sony Cyber-ShotU.

Some image manipulation using Microsoft Digital Image Pro.

I welcome your comments, please leave them on the main Sapientum site.




09:00 am - Breakfast

10:00 am - The last of the 3 S's

10:30 am - Visit to the local shop (for local people!)

12:00 - A mid-day coffee and a look at the TV

13:00 - Shopping in Oxford

15:00 - An afternoon walk

17:00 - Arrive at the site of the Oxford Balloon Festival

18:00 - The Pilots discuss the weather - decide not to fly.

20:00 - Chinese buffet meal with fellow balloonists.

23:00 - Fall into bed.